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Celebrating Parchment’s First Annual Awards of Excellence!

Parchment Staff  •  Apr 23, 2018  •  Blog

So many Parchment members are pushing the envelope, doing new projects and revolutionizing their offices. It’s time to shine a light on those who are making a difference. That’s why we established Parchment Awards of Excellence to recognize those innovators in our community for the work they’re doing in education.

Peer nominated, peer-selected, those chosen received special recognition at the Parchment Connect National Users Conference held March 24-25 in Orlando, FL. So, let’s have a big round of applause for this year’s winners … And the crowd goes wild!

Customer Experience: Andrea Broadnax, Assistant Vice President – Financial Aid Systems, University of Maryland University College

Andrea goes above and beyond to assist every student that she comes in contact with, taking extra initiative to make sure students are completely satisfied. Her peers say that she is an awesome person to work with and great with the students.  Andrea makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable no matter what the situation is, providing 100% excellent customer service for all UMUC students.

Greatest Program Impact: Erin Seheult, Director of University Records, Loma Linda University

Erin’s work to build a co-curricular transcript using SharePoint workflows is original and innovative. This cutting-edge system empowers students to curate experiences that create depth in the student experience.

Change Agent: 
Heather Sharbaugh, Director Academic Records, Career Education Corporation

When it comes to leading student-focused innovation in higher education, Heather has built a strong professional reputation as a key contributor in the organization’s efforts to improve the student experience in a primarily digital environment. Her contributions include bringing to life the secure electronic diploma for all graduates along with the creation of in-program certificates that required significant coordination with academic leadership across many different time zones. Heather’s commitment to creating a positive student experience has been invaluable and her excitement about what can be achieved is contagious!

Credential Innovator: 
Joellen Shendy, Associate Vice Provost and Registrar, University of Maryland University College

In the UMUC Office of the Registrar, Joellen is always pushing the envelope for new ways to improve the student experience by adopting new technology solutions, looking at new models of transfer credit, and identifying gaps that can be improved through the automation of processes. A pioneer in the higher education industry, her commitment to understanding the changing landscape and how to best support students is remarkable. Under Joellen’s leadership, UMUC successfully piloted a digital competency-based record that represented what a learner can do. This record serves as a model for many others who want to learn more about what it takes to bring something like this to life at their institutions. She is currently leading an institutional-wide effort to explore how to continue this effort beyond the pilot.

Credential Innovator: Insiya Bream, Associate Vice Provost of Registrar Strategic Operations, University of Maryland University College

Along with Joellen, Insiya was instrumental in moving UMUC towards enhancing the learning model to reflect more projects that were real-world relevant education competencies needed both academically for students and professionally for staff. In 2016, the Comprehensive Student Records Project was funded by Lumina and facilitated by AACRAO/NASPA. UMUC was awarded a spot to produce a digital, competency-based record that clearly shows what a learner can do. With Insiya’s help the extended transcript pilot was delivered in Fall 16 and Spring 17, and the overwhelming response of students was positive – with 84% recommending the new type of record be implemented for all students.

Efficiency Creator:
James Lee, Systems Administrator, Wayne State University

Upon selecting Parchment Receive Premium, James not only did all the work on the server download of documents, but he created a user interface for the processing staff that saves many manual steps and a lot of time. His peers report that a favorite part of this interface is that it solves the issue of dealing with the receipt of pre-application documents.

Field Innovator:Rodney Parks, Registrar and director of Summer College, Elon University

Rodney has made tremendous strides in developing the comprehensive student record at Elon University. He developed numerous initiatives regarding co-curricular credentialing such as the Elon Visual Transcript, which has received a $1.3 million grant from the Lumina Foundation to continue its development and standardization. Rodney also maintains a consistent presence in academic journals as an engaged scholar and an innovator in the field. As such, his dedication to the evolving field of credentialing and education should be recognized.

Social Conscientiousness and Impact: Dr. Sheryl Neely, Head Counselor, Atlantic Public Schools

Sheryl has consistently demonstrated conscientiousness and genuine commitment to the field of education and to the young people under her tutelage, as well as concern for professional growth and social change.  She has established a reputation as an extremely capable, effective leader who demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and competency in her work with students, parents, staff, and community stakeholders. Shery’s career as a leader is guided by her belief that all children can learn if given the right opportunity.

Commitment to Student Success: Pat Heintshel, Registrar, Clay High School

In just two years, Pat has made a huge impact in the counseling department and the community as a whole. She took it upon herself to learn Parchment, participate in webinars and speak on a panel at Capital University for Parchment. Senior students are set up with accounts at the end of their junior year to help them with college applications and scholarships. Pat is always ready and willing to help them succeed through this process and is there to answer any question the students have. Before Pat, this process was slow and inefficient. The increase of students using Parchment as their main means to the above processes has dramatically increased. After implementing this process for current students, Pat is expanding this movement to alumni and employers for education verifications.

Congratulations to you all!

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