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Charles Tsai Talks Micro-Credentials in August Coffee Talk

Parchment Staff  •  Aug 20, 2015  •  Blog

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We are in the midst of an education revolution and no one knows this better than Charles Tsai. Journalist, writer, speaker and social entrepreneur, Tsai has a proven track record helping youth design and implement their own solutions for global change. His passion for revolutionizing education doesn’t stop with learning; he’s also committed to influencing the way institutions credential, to document the learning in a way that translates to the workforce.


We’re all familiar with traditional academic credentials like the transcript and the diploma, but how acquainted are you with micro-credentials? Often referred to as badges, micro-credentials can provide learners with the recognition of work completion that may include a non-credit course, professional learning or even a seminar.

According to Tsai, micro-credentials can function to map learning, motivate learning and recognize learning. While not fully adopted by U.S. higher education institutions today, micro-credentialing is being discussed at many institutions, for example with Elon University. Elon currently offers student’s an Elon Experiences Co-Curricular transcript that demonstrates participation in leadership development, service learning, internships, study abroad and undergraduate research programs.

“We are entering an era where universities have to work with other stakeholders (in specific industries) to determine what meaningful credentials will look like,” said Tsai.

Did you miss the session with Tsai and want to learn more about his perspective on micro-credentials? Don’t worry; it’s available now, on-demand!

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