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Demand Surges for 4th Annual Parchment User Conference

Parchment Staff  •  Feb 25, 2016  •  Blog

In 2013, Parchment hosted its first ever User Conference, bringing together nearly 30 high school and college members to talk about their service experience and share ideas. Fast forward to February 2016 where 200 Parchment members celebrated the tremendous growth of the Parchment Member Community at the Fourth Annual Parchment User Conference in Washington DC. We continue to be thrilled as the community of schools embrace one another, share best practices and work together to create stronger outcomes for students.

The 2016 Parchment User Conference proved just how meaningful peer-led conversations are to schools interested in innovation. In 2014, Loma Linda University attended the Parchment User Conference and heard from Elon University Registrar Rodney Parks about his pioneering foray into experiential transcripts. Fast forward to 2016 and Loma Linda University officials presented on how they led a low-budget development of a high-powered experience transcript! Which college or university sat in the room this year that was inspired by Loma Linda? The power of the Parchment network cannot be measured.

2016 User Conference session tracks were focused on specific groups of Parchment users: high school senders, college/university admissions offices (receivers) and college/university registrar offices (senders), while networking opportunities to meet the person on the “other side” of the credential exchange were plentiful.

As a Parchment community, we are more than the sum of our parts. Long after the sessions have ended at the 2016 Parchment User Conference, whether or not you were able to join us in Washington, DC, we want you to stay engaged with both your peers and Parchment. Join the Parchment online community, Collaborate, to stay connected. In Collaborate, you can build powerful connections, share best practices or learn how academic offices are empowering their students. Start a discussion. Ask a question. Be active. Parchment built this with you in mind so you have and place to grow.

Until the next User Conference, we look forward to connecting with you in Collaborate!

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