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Every Day Heroes for #EveryStudent at NACAC 2015

Parchment Staff  •  Oct 12, 2015  •  Blog

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The work you do every day makes real differences for the students you work with. You’re a real hero for these students!

At NACAC 2015, we wanted to get high school counselors and admissions officers out from underneath their every day disguises to reveal their true super hero selves. You are an Every Day Hero for #EveryStudent. Check out all of the Hero pictures!

Thank you to every one who stopped by our booth this year. We had a bunch of fun talking to you … and convincing you to pose with our fun super hero masks and capes.

For those of you who weren’t able to stop by, here are what many of our visitors were asking about:

“Are Parchment and Naviance the same thing?”

Nope. Parchment used to power Naviance eDocs, but that relationship ended last summer and now eDocs is running on their own steam. Many schools prefer to use Parchment alongside (or independent of) Naviance to handle all of their admissions documents. Sending documents to receivers worldwide (eg NCAA and CommonApp) is the only thing we do, and so we are the experts in the field. Schools appreciate the power we give students and parents to place and track their orders online. We also support all of your alumni, and can even automate those requests so they can be fulfilled without spending your staff time! Best of all, Parchment doesn’t have expensive licensing fees and year round training is always free.

“How can we receive electronically?”

This was a really popular question from all of the admissions officers attending NACAC. We were happy to show them a demo on how Parchment Receive lets them get notified of electronic transcripts, route them to either store online or download for printing. Admissions offices can also choose to automatically import the student information (which Parchment will provide as machine-readable data) along with the high-res PDFs/TIFFs into their imaging system. We’d be happy to give you a demo too!

We had a great time at NACAC! If you’re going to an upcoming conference, we’d love to see you! Check our schedule of the upcoming events we’ll be attending.

There’s always more to learn.

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