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Faster, Easier Diploma Replacement at Emory University with Parchment

Trevor Misina  •  Dec 04, 2017  •  Blog
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University Registrar’s Offices are notoriously busy and always looking for ways to increase efficiency—like taking replacement diploma ordering online. That’s why Emory University partnered with Parchment to simplify the process. Today, graduates can reorder lost or destroyed diplomas on the school’s online transcript ordering portal, and track order status as well. As a result, the staff member solely dedicated to processing the paper diploma orders now has time to do more.

According to Brittney Simmons, Business Operations Specialist, it was a daunting task to keep track of the paper trail generated by the replacement diploma ordering process. With Parchment, there are no more paper forms or checks and money orders for the office to handle. And there are fewer calls from students wondering where their orders are, which also saves time and money thanks to tracking options through Parchment.

“Parchment has allowed us to create a simpler process for ordering a replacement diploma, making it a lot easier for us and our students,” Brittney says. For the busy Registrar’s Office staff, ordering diplomas through the Parchment storefront is fast, secure and environmentally friendly. Something the students, and staff, really love.

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