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How Transcripts Make Diplomas Free

Parchment Staff  •  Oct 11, 2021  •  Blog

Your students need transcripts and diplomas – and you need an affordable solution to issue and send these credentials – both printed and digitally. 

Parchment has your zero-cost solution! 

With budget cuts aplenty, it’s time to find new and creative ways to serve your students, create efficiencies, and save money.     

With one comprehensive credential platform, you can reduce fees for your institution and offer best-in-class service to your students and alumni. When you use Parchment Award to issue transcripts and diplomas, you can apply the funds your students pay for transcripts, to cover the cost of transcript and diploma fulfillment. It’s that simple! 

On average schools save between 15-25% after implementing transcript and diploma services with Parchment. 

Save time and money fulfilling transcript and diploma orders, get more done, and take back your day! Learn more about our transcript services here and diploma services here



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