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[Infographic] Student Survey On Their Digital Diploma Experience

Parchment Staff  •  Mar 26, 2018  •  Blog

Digital credentials are the tools of the future, and Parchment is leading the way. Our online diplomas are delighting students and helping them find success – whether that’s getting the job of their dreams or heading to grad school.

Since 2003, Parchment has handled over 36 million requests from nearly 8.7 million learners looking to turn their credentials – diplomas, badges, certificates and more – into opportunities. Curious about their experience, we surveyed 1,000 students who received digital diplomas through Parchment last year. Here’s a summary on how they felt about digital diplomas delivered through Parchment:

  1. 71 percent of students gave the Parchment digital diploma experience a 9/10 or better!
  2. What do they love most about the digital diploma experience?
    1. 83 percent appreciated how fast they were able to claim their diploma
    2. 63 percent loved the simplicity of the interface
    3. 52 percent said Parchment was much easier than getting a paper diploma
  3. What functions do students appreciate in digital credentials?
    1. The two most common were the social sharing and constant availability of their diploma for easy access when they need it.
  4. Can digital and paper coexist?
    1. Definitely yes. 73 percent of respondents were either interested in using digital diplomas to complement their paper diploma or said this feature was a “must have.”
  5. Providing a digital diploma to students means more than just giving them a PDF copy. They want it to provide:
    1. Social media sharing capabilities
    2. Secure, verified sharing overseas
    3. Constant availability of a verifiable diploma
  6. In fact, many students appreciated the sharing aspect!
    1. 38 percent of them shared their digital diploma on social media
    2. 62 percent downloaded a copy to share in the future
  7. Realizing that paper will continue to be important to both institutions and recipients, we’re proud to announce our comprehensive diploma platform, issuing both print and digital diplomas.

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