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Inside Look: Parchment Affiliate Partner Program

Parchment Staff  •  Jun 07, 2016  •  Blog

In September 2015, Parchment launched its Affiliate Partner Program, introducing Parchment services to more learners through the tools they are already using to navigate their journey into higher education. The established leader in digital credential ordering, Parchment reduces the complexity in the path to completing the college application process. Organizations currently engaging learners on their journey toward the academy, including college counseling, enrollment, CRM and readiness applications, can become Parchment Affiliate Partners and add digital credential ordering as a feature within their existing systems.

At launch, Parchment announced Graduation Alliance and Kuder as the inaugural Affiliate Partners.  Today, the Affiliate Partner Program boasts 11 partners scheduled  to go live before learners return to school this fall, including College Select, who just announced its adoption of the Parchment “OrderLink” workflow.

By adding the Parchment “Order My Transcript” widget to their site, affiliate partners create new entry points for learners to order their academic credentials from Parchment’s network of high school members. Imagine, without having to leave the college counseling tool they’re working in, learners begin the college application process by initiating a high school credential request from inside the counseling site.

The addition of Parchment to existing workflows benefits everyone involved in the credential delivery process:

  • Learners access fewer sites to complete their college application process
  • High school counselors and administrators reduce the burdens placed on their learners to complete college applications
  • College/University admissions offices increase the number completed application packets

To learn more about Parchment’s Affiliate Partner program, click here.

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