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Introducing the Most Comprehensive Higher Education Parchment Platform Yet

Parchment Staff  •  Mar 18, 2019  •  Blog

Decentralized records, lengthy record processing, limited support, inflexible SIS integration, questionable security and privacy, disconnect between vendors … are we giving you nightmares yet? Unfortunately, these credential management inefficiencies are realities for many registrar offices.

Doesn’t it make more sense for all of your learners’ credentials to be in one, easily accessible location? We think so. That’s why we developed the comprehensive Parchment Platform to support registrars in their need for better operational efficiencies. The platform allows you to turn credential transactions into the meaningful exchanges that open incredible doors for your learners.

Here’s a look at the Parchment Platform designed for both registrars and learner success:

The beauty of all credentials

You aren’t just about transcripts – and neither are we. Both academic and professional credentials are the keys to enrollment and employment, which is why the Parchment Platform supports transcripts, diplomas, certifications, licenses and badges. What’s more, we offer both print and digital versions of those credentials so your students aren’t limited by how they can turn those documents into opportunities.

With all the credential management tools you need in one platform, you can put the confusion of multiple vendors behind you. Choosing Parchment means working with a partner who’s just as dedicated to credential integrity and student success as you are. We take security and support seriously, there to help whenever you need it.

Industry-leading transcript services

When it comes to transcripts, the Parchment Platform offers features like:

  • Real-time verification and tracking: No more wondering where records are. We’ll keep you – and your students – updated.
  • Integrated receiver network: We honor the preferences of those on the receiving end of student transcript requests.
  • Print and mail fulfillment: We can deliver in either format.
  • Touch-free automation: Yes, our platform can integrate with your SIS system. Plus, it’s flexible enough to support custom workflows.
  • Advanced admin experiences: We’re talking holds, releases and attachments. Easy peasy.
  • Security: You can trust us. We don’t enable vendor control from outside the firewall, and we definitely don’t need to go behind your firewall.
  • Always a helping hand:We offer comprehensive support for students. On your admin side of things, there’s integrated online and phone support, plus a free knowledge center and customized training.

Best-in-class diploma services

When it’s time to talk diplomas, the Parchment Platform offers the following features:

  • Print and digital integration:We can supply both print and digital diplomas within a unified administrator experience. From text notifications to scheduled release to full print packaging and mailing, we’ve got you covered.
  • Modular element design: Separating static from dynamic elements makes for easy real-time changes.
  • Speedy fulfillment: Digital diplomas are available immediately, and the print versions won’t be far behind, delivered within an average of five to seven business days.
  • Quality control: Accuracy is the best policy. Our software allows for real-time, easy review of diplomas for those potential spelling mishaps.

Plus, our tracking, security and support features aren’t limited to transcripts. You can expect the same from our diploma services.

Bonus service: unified analytics

To make it a truly comprehensive platform, we wanted to provide registrars with visibility into processing statistics, order transaction data and student satisfaction rates. Parchment Analyze provides such reporting across all credentials, giving you the insights to continually improve your processes and meet student needs.

If this all sounds like a dream come true, contact us to learn more about what the comprehensive Parchment Platform can do for you.

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