K-12 Graduation Verifications Now Easier with Enhanced Functionality from Parchment

Parchment Staff  •  Jun 14, 2023  •  Blog
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Graduation verifications are an important part of many learners’ lives, whether they’re applying for a job or furthering their education. Unfortunately, the process has been inconsistent and difficult for both K-12 administrators and the companies or organizations requesting the verifications.

For employers, it is essential to have accurate information about a candidate’s qualifications and education history. But for K-12 schools, verifying that a student has completed their studies can be a time consuming task. With the lack of standardization between school districts, verification companies were often left with inadequate or incorrect documentation that was difficult to interpret.This posed various challenges such as having to manually enter data into their systems and having to navigate multiple formats of documents from different schools. As a result, it was time consuming and costly for both K-12 administrators and verification companies to complete the process.

To help create a more streamlined process for both our sender and receivers, Parchment has created a new graduation verifications workflow that makes the process easier. With this new workflow, K-12 administrators can easily fulfill verifications without having to create a new document or upload a transcript, while background check companies and other requesting organizations can streamline the entire process.

Parchment Graduation Verification Enhancements for K-12

Parchment’s graduation verifications workflow gives administrators a consistent way to respond to requests from background check companies and other organizations so their learners can quickly and easily be verified. Say goodby to manually creating graduation verification letters or uploading transcripts. As you continue to add more student data into Parchment, the workflow gets even easier. If a student already exists in Parchment, their information will be prepopulated in the graduation verification. Parchment’s new graduation verifications processs provides accuracy in the data collected while ensuring learner privacy is maintained so that only relevant information is shared.

Parchment makes graduation verifications easy for K-12!

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Parchment Graduation Verification Enhancements for Background Check Companies and Receivers

Requesting organizations can now receive graduation verifications in a consistent format with Parchment’s new workflow. The index file, which is sent along with the verification PDF, includes all of the necessary details for fast and accurate processing. Receivers have the ability to opt-in to additional fields for the index file such as a single field to know whether the student is verified, the date the verification was awarded, and more. This makes it easier for receivers to quickly automate the inbound graduation verifications without even opening the PDF since the index file will have all of the verification information they need.

Parchment makes graduation verifications easy for K-12!

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Get verifications in a consistent way from a network of over 5.8K schools/districts

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Easily request verifications for over 6M K-12 learners through Parchment Receive

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Quickly import verifications by using Parchment’s indexing tool


The streamlined processes offered by Parchment’s new graduation verifications workflow makes it easy for K-12 administrators to fulfill and requesting organizations to receive quick and accurate results. With its enhanced functionality, Parchment provides a safe, secure solution for verifying graduates that saves time while ensuring accuracy every step of the way.

If you haven’t tried Parchment’s new verifications workflow yet, now is the time to give it a try!

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