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Looking to the Future: Preparing for 2019 Responsibilities in 4 Steps

Parchment Staff  •  Jan 14, 2019  •  Blog

Campus is no longer buzzing with the stress of finals and excitement for winter break and as university registrar, your days of studying for exams are long gone – but that isn’t to say that December wasn’t a busy month for you as well.

As you look forward to the spring semester, take some time to get ready. Follow these steps to prepare for the new year:

1. Start thinking about graduation

Your seniors are certainly thinking about it, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be planning for graduation as well. Now’s the time to start organizing your role in commencement ceremonies, preparing diplomas, reviewing academic records and developing necessary year-end reports. It may seem like you’re attending the early bird special, but graduation season will be far less hectic if you start prepping now.

2. Start preparing student records

Students slated for graduation in spring have two important documents on their mind: transcripts and diplomas. Record management is right up your alley, meaning you can start getting ready to process grades and prepare these important documents for graduating students. Remember that the registrar’s office plays a vital role in quality assurance, so giving yourself extra time to manage last-minute updates and potential amendments is never a bad move.

3. Get technology in order

Start the new year with some better tools in your toolbox. Graduation means diplomas, and the right technology can help you deliver them with greater speed and accuracy. With Parchment Award, you can provide students with both digital and print copies of their precious proof of graduation. Deliver digital diplomas the moment commencement ends, with one-click verification and social sharing. We deliver printed diplomas in five to seven days, and you can track the entire process so you’ll know exactly when to expect arrival. Provide your students the diploma they’ve earned, in the format they want.

If that sounds like a good deal, Parchment has a complete suite of services you can utilize to automate and simplify your processes.

4. Revisit your goals

Start drafting those resolutions, giving yourself both personal and university-wide goals to focus on in the new year. Contact Parchment to discuss expanding your systems to include an Experiences Transcript, customize your print diploma, or to issue print diplomas within 5-7 days and instant, shareable, digital diplomas by leveraging the system already trusted to send & receive records by 80+% of higher education institutions. The more prepared you are for 2019, the more likely you are to meet – and even exceed – those goals.

There’s always more to learn.

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