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More Students Gain Access to Parchment Through Newly Launched Affiliate Partner Program

Parchment Staff  •  Sep 15, 2015  •  Blog

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To enable more learners, in more places to turn their credentials into opportunities, Parchment recently launched an Affiliate Partner Program. This program introduces Parchment to more students through the tools they are already using to navigate their college prep journey, such as college counseling, enrollment, CRM and readiness applications.

How do affiliates work?

By adding the Parchment “Order My Transcript” widget to their site, affiliate partners create new entry points for learners to order their academic credentials from Parchment’s network of high school members. Imagine, without having to leave the college counseling tool they’re working in, learners begin the college application process by initiating a high school credential request from inside the counseling site.  Students currently using tools like Graduation Alliance, Kuder, and Shmoop will have an early advantage as these organizations were first in line as Parchment affiliates.

Do high schools need to make any changes?

Never fear though high school counselors and administrators, while providing new access points for these college-bound learners, Parchment’s affiliate partners will be required to adhere to your school’s established policies and workflows. We promise – no need for you to change your current processes!

To learn more about Parchment’s Affiliate Partner program, click here.

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