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Offering Degree or Enrollment Verifications For Your Students and Third Parties

Parchment Staff  •  Jun 05, 2017  •  Blog

For a long time, Parchment has been focused on helping high schools and colleges send their transcripts electronically. You can’t believe how much time we spend thinking about and perfecting the art of simple and secure electronic transcripts! But, transcripts aren’t the only official academic record that our institutions work with. To truly manage all academic credentials with one comprehensive platform (aka Parchment’s mission), that platform must support every type of record. Including degree or enrollment verifications.

Verifications: What are they all about?

Degree verifications are used by human resource departments, background check companies, or even other academic institutions to confirm the learner’s education background.

Enrollment verifications are similarly helpful, as they illustrate the enrollment status, courses, and in some cases grades. Knowing this information can help with student loans or discounts, transcript verification, or probably most importantly, loan deferment.

Clearly, these two records are critical to helping learners verify their education! Students (and other parties) should be able to easily request and send them anywhere!

We’re excited to make that happen using Parchment!

Students Can Order and Send Their Own Verifications

Many of Parchment’s members add verifications to their ordering portals so that students can take advantage of the simple online ordering process. The same place students get their transcript or their replacement diploma is the same place they can order their degree or enrollment verification. With a few steps to indicate which records should be sent to which destination, the student is ready to check out. Step by step notification keeps the student informed until the verifications have been received. For the critical purpose these records serve, having that notification makes a world of difference.

Third Parties Can Order Verifications Too!

Third parties, including employers, scholarship providers, parents and others, need to order official records, especially enrollment or degree verifications. That’s why Parchment is making it easy to allow orders for any record from any third party. Each institution can determine which records they’d like to make available for third parties to order. Then the third party can request the record on behalf of the student, provide written consent and submit any required payments. Administrators are able to review third party requests before releasing them for fulfillment. It’s a simple and straightforward process!

Learn More …

So if you haven’t already, there’s never been a better time to add verifications to your storefront for your learners. Want to know more about the verifications or the third party ordering experience? We’ll be happy to show you!

There’s always more to learn.

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