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Overcoming barriers to on-time completion

Parchment Staff  •  Jan 05, 2023  •  News

January 5, 2023 — eCampus News

When it comes to on-time completion, the latest national survey reveals some good news: college completion rates across all types of institutions went up in 2021. Six-year completion rates rose by 1.2 percent and community college completion increased by 1.5 percent. But these increases still leave nearly 40 percent of students struggling to complete a 4-year degree within six years. And only one out of every three financially independent students completes a degree at all.

In this article published on eCampus News, Quottly [now Parchment] CEO Alicia Policinski shares the results of a recent survey that asked more than 2,000 current college students and recent college graduates to identify the biggest roadblocks they face on their way to earning a degree. While the results reflect a number of challenges for leaders in higher ed, they also point to solutions that can effectively overcome these barriers to on-time completion.

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