Parchment and Digitary Formally Combine to Become One Organization!


Just in time for the Olympics, Parchment has taken a major step forward as a global organization.  We are excited to announce that Parchment and Digitary have formally combined together to become one organization!  

Depending on where in the world you are reading this, you may be learning about Digitary for the first time.  Like Parchment, Digitary was founded to help learners make their academic credentials more secure, insightful and actionable, accelerating enrollment and employment opportunities for learners across several countries. Both organizations share a mission to help turn credentials into opportunities.  

Digitary developed first in Ireland, and has since expanded to support hundreds of higher education institutions in Australia (MyEquals), Canada (MyCreds/MesCertif), Japan, New Zealand (MyEquals), and the United Kingdom.  

By coming together as one organization we advance the opportunity to support a global network, powered by two platforms and brands tailored to their local sectors and committed to open standards. As well, at a time of rapidly changing expectations for how academic credentials communicate learning outcomes, our combined resources can expand and accelerate our innovation investments. Today marks a new day full of opportunities – at a global scale – and we are ready to get to work! 

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