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Parchment Award: Where Print Meets Digital

Parchment Staff  •  Dec 17, 2018  •  Blog

Digital diplomas make an impact. So, it’s no surprise that today’s graduates want to share their newly earned credentials on social media right away, not weeks after commencement. After all, it’s more than just a degree, it’s a connection to their next opportunity.

Parchment Award happens to be THE most comprehensive diploma platform available. Use it to deliver instant, verifiable and shareable digital diplomas with a single click. And if your grads want a print version, that’s available, too.

Simplified Self-service Tools

Parchment is the only partner that lets you easily administrate digital and print diplomas through a single online platform, enabling a modern digital experience with no IT resources required. With Parchment Award, you simply upload, customize, review, schedule, and issue.

Here’s how – View The 5 Simple Steps to Issuing Parchment Diplomas. See just how easy it is to have your next graduating class share digital diplomas instantly with friends, family and potential employers. Plus, graduates receive their print diplomas in a week—or less.

Customers Tell Their Stories

Parchment Award is a game changer, but don’t just take our word for it. Our customers are so excited about bringing their diplomas into the modern era, they want to share their experiences with you. Take a look at our new eBook, Parchment Award (for Diplomas) and Its Impact. Here’s just a sampling of what our customers have to say:

  • The word has spread like wildfire and now even alumni are asking how they can get their hands on their eDiploma.” Martin Hill, Academic Records Manager, Clark Atlanta University
  • “Keeping up with new technology is what we are about so we felt our diplomas should follow suit.” Pamela Whitson, Assistant Registrar, Northwest Kansas Technical College
  • “Students are now given an opportunity to create a digital footprint.” Heather Sharbaugh, Director of Academic Records, Career Education Corporation

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