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Scholarship Winners Are Heading To Their Colleges Of Choice

Parchment Staff  •  Oct 16, 2017  •  Blog

Spring Valley High School in South Carolina was the winner of our Member Status Program for 2015-2016, winning a $10,000 scholarship. During our 2016 Parchment Connect: Carolinas we were so pleased to be able to provide the prize to the Spring Valley High School counselors in attendance (BIG check and all!).

Over the course of the year, Spring Valley High School decided that they wanted to make the most of their winnings, and split the $10,000 scholarship into four $2,500 increments. Each of the four recipients are lower-income students, so this scholarship money was truly impactful to help make their college dreams come true.

Scholarship Winners:

  • Meredith Kimmer, going to North Greenville University
  • Aspen Evans going to Clemson University
  • Maya Ingram, going to University of South Carolina
  • Sunshine Spiva, going to North Carolina State University

Each winner is going to a university that receives Parchment transcripts electronically!  We wish them the best of luck at their college of choice!

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