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Supporting Our Community In Times of Need

Parchment Staff  •  Oct 23, 2017  •  Blog

Today, more than ever, it’s important to come together as a community, especially during times of natural disaster. The hurricanes in Texas and Florida caused wide-spread devastation. Many individuals and organizations took action to help those affected. The Parchment community was no exception.

Our Parchment Wellness Committee, Kind.Heart.Ed, led the charge, creating a GoFundMe page with the proceeds going to All Hands Volunteers. While our goal was to raise $500 for hurricane victims (with Parchment matching contributions up to that amount), we should have known people would go above and beyond.

Thanks to our generous Parchment community, we raised an amazing $2,500 from 34 employees in less than 30 days, blowing our original goal out of the water! And we couldn’t be more pleased for recipient All Hands Volunteers, a volunteer-powered disaster relief organization dedicated to rebuilding hope for people impacted by natural disasters all over the world, addressing both the immediate and long-term needs of the affected communities.

To further the cause, we also reached out to Parchment members that were affected and extended extra support to them during this time. From hurricanes, fires, and other challenges large and small it’s important for all of us to reach out and give a helping hand where we can. That’s what community is all about!

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