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The Future Awaits Student Decisions, Even Amid COVID-19

Parchment Staff  •  Apr 10, 2020  •  Blog

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Parchment team has put a spotlight on helping schools and universities maintain business continuity with respect to ordering, fulfilling, and delivering credentials. 

Our team is currently focused on three initiatives we’re proud to share with you. Ultimately, they focus on the service of supporting learners, a guiding principle we’re passionate about.

  1. Offer K12 schools (without an existing electronic solution) quick access to Parchment Send. Over the past two weeks, we’ve implemented more than 200 high schools, enabling students to request transcripts online, administrators to remotely fulfill orders, and admissions offices to process electronically.
  2. Provide ongoing training for new and current administrators across our entire member base. As responsibilities at member institutions shift internally and new employees are tasked with processing incoming or outgoing credentials, we are committed to equipping our educational communities with the tools they need to serve students well. Your success is our success.
  3. Onboard new institutions quickly and efficiently through an accelerated implementation process, allowing schools to redirect printed transcript and diploma workflows through Parchment. Our incredible implementation and print operation teams displayed great ingenuity and agility. Their dedicated customer focus has been an inspiration to us all.

Colleges and universities have responded quickly and adapted even faster – adjusting admissions dates and changing undergraduate and graduate program requirements. Nevertheless, schools are experiencing low turnout to remote-advising meetings. This leaves us to speculate that learners may be feeling discouraged or disconnected. Without physically walking school halls, immersed in the promise of new and exciting beginnings, some students may be stalling, afraid to take the next step. BUT their futures still await them – that’s where we step in!

Over the coming weeks, we plan to send a brief email series* encouraging high school and college students to keep moving forward with their pursuit of college and career progression, take the necessary next steps, and create momentum surrounding common upcoming opportunities. Furthermore, be prepared with an official transcript on hand, ready to turn credentials into opportunities. 

We’ve planned communication covering the topics below and have reviewed them with a number of our members. We’re eager to hear from you on the positive impact this effort will have in supporting learners throughout all levels of education. 

  • College admissions and financial aid
  • Graduate school
  • Employment, Licensure, and Certification

Our thoughts continue to be with the community we serve and the health and well being of each student, staff member, and their families. Stay connected and be well. Let’s continue to make the future bright. 

*Each email recipient has opted to receive important reminders regarding educational intent and focus; recipients are able to opt-out at any time.

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