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With Parchment’s user-friendly platform and expansive network,
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How Parchment Stacks Up

The only lifelong learning solution that brings all academic and professional credentials into one, easy-to-use platform.

Delivery through data

Parchment helps trainers and professional associations leverage the data they have to enable new ways to engage employees and offer more value.

Efficiency through automation

Parchment helps to alleviate stress by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks associated with issuing digital badges and certificates, requesting enrollment and degree verifications, and receiving transcripts and application documents.


Whether it is using extending credentials to be more meaningful or creating easy ways to share badges and certificates with professional networks, we continue to push the boundaries of the norm to turn credentials into opportunities.

One Solution

Parchment can better serve your staff and prospective employees with a consistent credentialing experience that they have enjoyed since K-12.

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“Recognized as one of the world’s most transformative growth companies in Digital Learning and Workforce Skills 3 years in a row”
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