Automating Transcript Processing with Receive Premium & Slate

May 11, 2023  •  On Demand

Did you miss the Automating Transcript Processing with Receive Premium & Slate webinar?

In this webinar, Director of Graduate Admissions at Wayne State University Graduate School, Sherry Quinn, and Assistant Vice President of Athletics and Enrollment at Calumet College of St. Joseph, Andy Marks, discussed the integration of Parchment Receive Premium with Slate and how it improves the transcript processing experience for their admissions offices.

Receive Premium and Slate Integration Creates Efficiency and Saves Time

Integration between Parchment Receive Premium and Slate for transcript processing helps institutions save time, increase efficiency, and streamline the admissions process. With this integration, transcripts can be automatically indexed and attached to applicant records in Slate, reducing the need for manual processing by staff members.

“With Parchment Receive Premium and integrating that with Slate, we actually saw transfer processing time reduced by as much as 50%,” said Quinn. Marks also noted the benefits of automation and reduced human error: “We reduced that error margin to about 1% now… everything just runs smooth for us.”

The integration also offers better communication and easier access to documents for various departments at institutions, including athletics and the registrar’s office. “It allows them better control of their schedule and what they’re doing in order to be more efficient as well,” said Marks.

The Implementation Process Is Smooth for Institutions of All Sizes

The implementation process for integrating Parchment Receive Premium and Slate can vary depending on the size of the institution and the available resources. Both Quinn and Marks reported positive experiences with the implementation process, citing smooth transitions and efficient setups.

Quinn mentioned that Wayne State University worked with a dedicated project manager from Parchment during their implementation process, which took about two weeks to complete. On the other hand, Marks, who handled the implementation himself at Calumet College, noted that the process took less than a half-day, with a few test files to ensure proper indexing and attachment.

Institutions Can Customize Processes According to Their Needs and Preferences

The integration between Parchment Receive Premium and Slate offers institutions the flexibility to customize their processes according to their specific needs and preferences. This can include setting up separate instances of Slate for undergraduate and graduate admissions, choosing whether or not to create new records when transcripts are received, and deciding on document retention policies.

Quinn shared that Wayne State University opted to have separate instances of Slate for their undergraduate and graduate admissions to keep the processes separate and organized. Marks also noted that institutions can set up their own rules and parameters within Slate, allowing for a customized and efficient workflow.

Overall, the integration between Parchment Receive Premium and Slate provides institutions with the tools and flexibility to effectively manage their transcript processing, ultimately leading to improved efficiency, time savings, and better service for applicants.

To learn more about Parchment Receive Premium and Slate integration, watch the full webinar above or schedule a demo.

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