Unlocking Success: Harnessing the Power of Digital Credentials

June 14, 2023  •  On Demand

In our recent webinar, Unlocking Success: Harnessing the Power of Digital Credentials with Parchment, Matt Sterenberg, Director of Customer Advocacy at Parchment had the pleasure of hearing from University Registrars, Bhavesh Bambhrolia of Temple University and Tammy Weaver of Arkansas Tech University.

They shared their invaluable experiences in implementing digital credentials, shedding light on the remarkable benefits and transformative impact they have witnessed in their respective institutions.

Comprehensive Learner Records (CLRs) Provide a Holistic View of a Student’s Academic Journey and Achievements

Bambhrolia emphasized the importance of having a comprehensive solution for digital credentials, detailing the ability to showcase a holistic view of students’ achievements, competencies, and experiences. He discussed how Temple’s Comprehensive Learner Records (CLR) project involved multiple internal stakeholders, with a focus on creating a meaningful narrative and visual design to best represent the learners’ achievements. “We went through the process of having philosophical discussions about the meaning, the content, the storytelling, the impact, and all of that. In the end, we came up with a visual design that really fit the narrative that we wanted to convey and that is also meaningful to the market.” This approach highlights the importance of a collaborative effort in implementing CLRs, ensuring that the final product accurately reflects the student’s learning journey and accomplishments.

By leveraging Parchment’s technology, Temple University has successfully captured and showcased learners’ accomplishments, enhancing their employability and advancing their educational journeys.

Transitioning to Digital Credentials Can Lead to Time and Cost Savings for Institutions and Enhanced Experiences for Students

Weaver shared fascinating insights into Arkansas Tech University’s implementation of Parchment Award – Diploma Services and Parchment Award – Certificate Services. Noting the introduction of both solutions has been seamlessly integrated along with their adoption of Parchment Award – Transcript Services into their traditional print issuance process.

The analytics provided by Parchment Award – Transcript Services enabled them to present compelling data to high-level administrators, facilitating their decision to expand diploma and certificate offerings. Weaver commented, “The analytics from having Parchment Award Transcripts helped us with convincing our high-level administrators that we needed to move forward with the diploma and certificates. We issued around 400 certificates for the month of May 2023, making up 25% of all documents we issued. Parchment gave us the ability to do the certificates required for those courses.”

Weaver also noted about Temple’s offering, “I really like what Temple is doing by offering the digital option first and then letting the students ask for paper. That’s a concept we had not thought about. So this has been beneficial for me. Bavesh, thank you for that idea!”

By offering flexible options and embracing digital-first approaches, these institutions are empowering their students to navigate the digital landscape with ease and meet the evolving expectations of the modern workforce.

To discover more about how Parchments’ comprehensive solutions can revolutionize digital credentialing at your institution, you can watch the full webinar above.

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