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The Western Round-Up


Hotel and Sessions
at Arizona Grand Resort

December 8th & 9th
Sessions Start at 8:30am

Holiday Party
at Rustler's Rooste

December 9th
Shindig starts at 7:00pm




Arizona Grand Resort

8000 Arizona Grand Pkwy, 

Phoenix, Arizona 85044

Parchiefest FAq's

Parchifest is about coming together as a company to celebrate our accomplishments of 2022 and to experience the vision for 2023. We’ll have time to develop deeper relationships outside of Zoom within and outside of our individual teams. Additionally, we will have a chance to learn (or even teach!) new skills and develop deeper business knowledge. It’s an opportunity to review where we’ve been, but more to look forward to the excitement of what’s to come in 2023 and how we each contribute to Parchment’s success. Honestly, we’re building a new, interactive, fun tradition! We’re being given an opportunity that not many companies get – to gather together IN PERSON to interact, learn, play and get a little goofy too.

Stakeholders was more of a year in review with a celebration looking forward to the new year. Parchiefest takes our coming together to the next level – to building relationships, learning and interacting in person with our colleagues. Again, we’re building a new tradition so anything can happen!

YES! All Parchies, everywhere are welcome! It is a long flight for some, but we hope you’ll take it! And we of course welcome you to come in earlier in the week to make the most of your trip. Discuss your travel plans with your manager.

Short answer: no

Longer answer:
Parchiefest is designed to be an in-person event – with all the perks that go with one (i.e. a company paid trip to see your best work buddies in person at a cool resort!). It is not designed to be a hybrid event. One reason it is not mandatory, as Stakeholders used to be, is we recognize that individual circumstances vary when it comes to attending an in-person event. The reason Parchiefest is not a hybrid event is twofold, neither of which has to do with “pushing” participation (in case the thought crossed your mind.) First, it is explicitly meant to bring people together in-person as a counterpoint to the virtual ways we engage throughout the year. Second, we have learned the hard way to respect the tremendous amount of work and resources it takes to execute a hybrid event well. The pandemic has taught us hybrid events are more than just having a webcam and a Zoom link. While we try to hide it, there is definitely a “let’s go out to the barn and put on a show” element of organizing the company wide meeting given it is something we do on top of all the other things we do. We’re choosing to create and execute one program in the hopes of it being really valuable to everyone who participates. We will certainly communicate important information after the event to those who do not attend.

No, but we highly encourage you to attend. Not only is it going to be extremely informative, but a rootin’ tootin’ good time! There is great value in getting together in person to deepen relationships that have been built on and fostered through Zoom, Slack, etc. Besides, you don’t want to miss out on all the team building, training, swag and prizes!

Depending on the number of folks from Member Services who want to attend in person, we will make a decision about shutting down support (including each of the regions outside the United States), production, and print in order to allow for travel to and participation in Parchiefest. To help with this decision, we’ll be asking folks to RSVP promptly. That will allow us to analyze the coverage and, in the event we need to shut down, provide ample opportunity for proactive communication to our Members. The Member Services leadership team will work with individuals to coordinate travel in order to minimize disruption, just as we did for last year’s event.

There are meeting spaces available at the hotel during the week, with more details to follow once agendas are finalized. The office is also open for folks to come in and work. The office is 30 min away from the hotel, so we encourage group rides via ride-sharing apps. In the meantime, reach out to  for special requests.

Meetings are casual. “Casual” in Parchment terms means you may wear shorts, jeans, flip flops, tee shirts if you wish, provided the length is “office appropriate”. If you want to dress it up a bit, feel free. Just be sure to dress comfortably as meeting rooms always seem to be chilly. 

Every time we have set our COVID mitigation policy too far in advance of an event based on what is true at the moment, the form (variant) and prevalence of the virus has changed materially by the time the event arrived. For this reason, we are going to wait to announce our pre-travel and onsite protocols. That said, except as required by law (of course), we do not require vaccination to attend Parchment events or the office. We will set our testing, masking, and spacing protocols closer to the event to benefit from a more contemporaneous understanding of the risks and public health recommendations.

Travel, Flight & Hotel FAQ's

  1. Reference travel policy here: https://parchment.atlassian.net/l/cp/0QDuZUZs
  2. Questions? Reach out to your manager for assistance.
  1. North American residents, yes, please use your TripActions account. If you do not have one set up yet, reach out to Kim Underwood.
  2. If you reside outside North America, you may use the following travel agent based in Australia: Alice Sisley, Flight Creative Group Travel, +61 03 9032 2600. Make sure to discuss your travel plans with your manager.

Ideally, by EOD October 14th Pacific Time.

Specific instructions will come from Kristy Bonanno for you to book under our room block. Please do not proceed until you have that information. Know that you will need a credit card to complete your reservation and you will expense your stay after the event. If you do not have a credit card to reserve your room, please discuss options with your manager or email Kristy Bonanno to assist with your reservation.

Please reach out and discuss with your manager. Kristy will reach out to managers to provide guidance.

  1. Parchment will provide the following meals during Parchiefest. 
    • Dinner Wednesday
    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner Thursday and Friday
  2. Any individually purchased meals during these times, separate from Parchiefest, will not be eligible for reimbursement. 
  3. However, for non-AZ Staff, meals on your travels days, once your trip commences, will be reimbursed. 
    • For non-AZ staff, individual meals are defined as meal expenses incurred and paid for by the employee for his/her own consumption while dining on a business trip. Each employee will be reimbursed for the reasonable expense of meals. The guideline for daily meal expenses is $60 per day broken down as $12/$18/$30 for breakfast, lunch and dinner, respectively.

You are welcome to share a hotel room with your plus one at no charge, however their travel will be a personal expense.

PLEASE RSVP by Wednesday, September 28st even if you opt out of the event so we know we have captured everyone’s response.

Holiday Party FAQ's

Holiday Party attire is “you call it”: The theme is Country Western. When choosing an outfit, keep in mind many of the entertainment and activity options at the party will be highly active! If you opt to wear a dress or a skirt, you may want to wear yoga shorts or something similar underneath. Ideas:

    1. Cowboy Cowgirl western attire (Jeans, Boots, Hat)
    2. Gussy up in a cocktail dress or suit if that’s your style
    3. Wear a holiday themed costume (one year the grinch randomly showed up)
    4. This is YOUR party, have fun with it!

Note: Most people equate the desert with being hot year round. Keep in mind that during our winter, it does get chilly at night and the temperature can fluctuate greatly from sunny days to chilly evenings. We recommend bringing a light jacket or sweater. Click here for typical Phoenix weather in early December.

  1. Absolutely! You may expense it after the Party.
  2. For guests staying at the resort, there will be a shuttle available to and from the party location, Rustler’s Rooste. You won’t be reimbursed for a private Uber/Lyft.

Yes, you are welcome to bring one person over the age of 21.

2022 Parchiefest Agenda

coming soon! check back later for details

2022 Parchiefest Agenda

Thursday Dec 8, 2022

Thursday Dec 9, 2022

In case you missed last year's...

2021 Holiday Party