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Open The Door To High-Interest Students

Parchment Recruit offers higher education enrollment marketing offices the ability to connect with best-fit students, in real-time. Through an easy-to-use online portal, Recruit provides you with student inquiries specific to your institution and a set of dashboards that let you uncover high schools that have big opportunities for recruitment.

See how Many Students Want to go to Your Institution

Waiting for single time downloads of lists is no longer an option. The earlier you connect with a student, the more likely that best-fit student is to apply and matriculate. With Parchment Recruit, daily access to new hand-raising students means you can immediately add high interest students to your campaigns at the time when they are thinking about you.


of US high school students send through the Parchment Network


of students enroll at the first institution that contacts them


yield rate for institutions using Parchment Recruit


first source students seen at institutions


Looking to boost enrollment?

Student pools are shrinking and the lists you have counted on in the past may be slipping away. Parchment Recruit can help. Whether it’s through the new high schools you will be able to uncover or students who have already said they would like to hear from you, Parchment Recruit opens up new recruiting opportunities and gives your recruiting pool the boost it needs.

Need data to better target your marketing?

Parchment Recruit allows you to see a more holistic view of a prospective student. With self-reported demographic and academic data, you can better target your communications for students and spend more time with students that will help you reach your recruitment goals.

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Want to find the right students?

Because we are only connecting you with students who have shown interest in your institution, Parchment Recruit gives you access to students that are more likely to apply. Not only do our institutions see a high rate of students who they have not been in contact with before, but these students have a high yield as well.

Searching for new high schools?

Time is of the essence when it comes to recruiting and Parchment Recruit lets you connect with students at the time that they are thinking about their next academic steps. With daily access to new inquiries, your recruitment efforts can start immediately, giving you the leg up on competing institutions.

Enrollment Marketing Teams Are Using Recruit To Engage With Best Fit Students

The Value Of Analytics

Parchment Recruit’s analytics help you understand how you are doing in key admissions metrics, both over time and in comparison to institutions like you. Uncover regions or high schools that you may have overlooked in the past that are creating opportunities for your peers. See how well your top of funnel investments are impacting learner interest in your institution. Look at your peer institutions that have better trends to identify practices that may be working for them.

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