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Generate Revenue for Your District

It’s no secret that K-12 schools trust Parchment to manage records & securely deliver student transcripts, but did you know that K-12 schools & districts are using Parchment to generate revenue to pay for their subscriptions & fund scholarships?

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Generate revenue while modernizing record management

If you’re a school or district who has to process… 

  • Student & Alumni transcript requests 
  • Graduation verification requests from employers 

Then we’ve got good news! 

With Parchment Award, you can streamline these challenges and turn them into revenue!

Imagine digitizing these manual processes saving your team countless hours while generating revenue that can be used to enhance your educational programs, invest in technology, or support various initiatives within your school or district. It’s a game-changer for your budget!

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Maximize your budget

We understand the importance of making every dollar count. That's why Parchment Surcharging is designed to help you optimize your budget. By utilizing the surcharing capability within Parchment Award, you can turn a traditionally manual and time-consuming process into a revenue-generating opportunity.

Optimize documentation processing

Make manual fulfillment a thing of the past. Parchment Award provides a streamlined and efficient system that provides faster and more accurate verifications. Your learners can move forward with their academic and professional pursuits without any delays.

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Simplify graduation verification & alumni transcript requests

Our platform allows you to easily manage and track all verification and transcript requests in one centralized location. You'll have full visibility into the status of each request, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

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Generate revenue
for your District

Gain insight into who is requesting transcripts or verifications, and how much revenue was generated via Surcharge. Say goodbye to scattered requests, unknown spend on postage & envelopes, and time spent aggregating all of the required documentation.

Here’s how schools are doing it:

How Edison High School Used Parchment to Fund Student Scholarships

Edison High School

”This year alone, we gave out $10,000 in scholarships to students through the money we’ve collected through Parchment. To be able to put those dollars back into the hands of students is incredible.”

– Dr. Diane Braungard-Galayda, Supervisor of Guidance, Edison High School

Parchment Surcharging

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Student Dual Enrollment - Simple Secure Integrations

Three Ways to Generate Revenue

Parchment Surcharging offers a powerful solution to generate revenue for your institution through three key avenues: students, alumni, and graduation verifications.

Graduation Verifications

Streamline the process of graduation verifications. By charging a fee for each verification request received from employers, background check agencies, or other institutions, you can turn this administrative task into a revenue opportunity. With Parchment’s automated verification system, you can provide faster and more accurate verifications while generating funds that can be used to enhance your educational offerings.

Dual Enrollment - Seamless Student Experience


Extend the revenue-generating capabilities to your alumni community. As alumni request official transcripts for employment, further education, or personal purposes, you can charge a fee for each document processed. This not only helps cover the costs associated with managing and fulfilling these requests but also creates a sustainable revenue stream that can support your institution’s ongoing initiatives.


You can charge a nominal fee for each document requested by your students. Whether it’s official transcripts, diplomas, or other academic records, you can turn the process of fulfilling these requests into a revenue-generating opportunity. By providing a seamless and efficient document delivery service, you not only meet the needs of your students but also generate funds that can be reinvested in your educational programs.

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Security and Privacy

As a trusted intermediary for our members and learners, the security of learner data is paramount. That’s why we promote a culture of awareness and embed security controls and policies at every point in the Parchment ecosystem.

  • SOC 2, Type 2 compliance 
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance 
  • FERPA-compliant policies in our products 
  • Dedicated internal security team

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Ready to Fund Your School Initiatives through Surcharging?

Generate revenue for your district and optimize documentation processing.
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