Q&A from Q2 Parchment Product Updates Webinar

Key Questions & Answers

You can continue to use Diplomas on Demand exactly as you do today!

Parchment Award – Diploma Services has a similar set of features as Diplomas on Demand but is focused on print delivery by Parchment. Over time we want to make sure all of our customers (or members, in Parchment-speak) have access to the best, most secure, and most feature-rich tools for issuing credentials the way that fits their institutional process.

We’re excited to bring more print-on-campus features to Parchment Award – Diploma Services in the future, and we’ll share more about our future services in the coming months.

To ensure student responsibility for the release of records under FERPA only a learner can set destination information.

As an institution, you always have the option to use the Order tab to create a new order on behalf of the student.

The resend and credit options are only available for orders that have been processed and delivered.

No, a resend in Parchment Award – Transcript Services does not have an additional fee.

Yes, learners are notified. 

You can resend or credit the account for 30 days.

You can credit a single transaction one time, however, you can resend a document more than once.

All of the features we’ve discussed today are just for Parchment Award – Transcript Services and don’t apply to our legacy systems.

If you haven’t been upgraded yet, you’ll have all the features we talked about today immediately upon upgrade.

This is automatically available based on your configuration. If you use automation with local printing or local pickup, these options enable this feature.

Yes, you can search for “Grades” or “Degree” to find a specific list you want to process.

This varies based on your specific configuration. Most schools on a rolling basis do not offer Hold for Grades or Degree and guide their students to request their credentials at the point of availability but we do have options available.

The Reset button is there to allow you to fulfill an order that may have gotten stuck. For the majority of instances yes clicking Reset will send the order back to the Open Orders tab where you can either manually fulfill or resend to your student information system.

Yes,  you can specifically locate the orders you want to batch select by searching with grade or degree parameters.

We currently do not notify the institution when a learner updates their address when claiming their digital diploma, however, we have heard the request and will evaluate how we might be able to provide in the future.

This feature is not supported in Diplomas on Demand. 

We ask that any inquiries into adding additional services through Parchment be started with a conversation with their Account Executive. Your AE can help you get the specific answers you need and determine next steps. 

Yes, all issuances since we released this feature in March will provide the ability to the learner in the email they receive to verify and update their address.

The best way to handle this currently is to do a new issue event for that particular learner with their updated address when you upload the learner file.

Definitely! We will always send out the printed diploma to the address that was associated with the learner file the member admin uploaded during the issuance process once that 72-hour window closes.

Yes, that timeframe starts once the 72-hour verification window closes.

We have no way of enforcing a way for the learner to verify their information at this time.