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Welcome! If you’re here because you are interested in learning more about Quottly joining Parchment, you’re in the right place. As you can probably tell, we are incredibly excited about the two companies coming together and we hope that if you aren’t already, you will be after learning more in the content below.

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There’s a lot of reasons why we decided that joining our companies was a good idea. At the core of it is that we think that we can attack the hurdles of student mobility better together than we can apart. Combining Parchment’s unique network of high schools and higher education institutions exchanging transcripts with Quottly’s solutions for course and program sharing, transfer articulation, and dual enrollment means we can enable the seamless exchange of credentials AND how those credentials translate into credit. Check out our press release if you haven’t already, but here are a couple stats that are interesting.

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of all college students transfer at least once during their academic career


of credits, on average, are lost when students transfer

Questions You May Have

We know that change sometimes brings concerns and a need to understand what the combination of our companies means for you and your organization. We hope the following questions help to answer important questions you may have about our combination.

Parchment’s mission is to help turn credentials into opportunities. Transferring academic credit is the most common reason learners request their college transcript through Parchment. We also see a growing number of students in our high school network earning college credit as part of dual enrollment programs. Quottly is a leading provider of credit evaluation, course sharing, and dual enrollment solutions, with large-scale deployments at systems such as the California Community Colleges and the University System of Maryland. By combining Quottly’s innovative course and credit transfer solutions with Parchment’s scaled network of school districts, colleges, and universities, we aim to transform the learner and institutional experience around credit transfer at a critical time for higher education. 

Recent reports from the American Council of Education (ACE) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) have documented the challenges that learners and institutions face transferring credit from one institution to another. Learners report friction and frustration with the lack of efficiency and transparency when seeking to transfer credit, discovering after it is too late that their prior coursework will not count towards their desired degree. Institutions report inefficient and often outdated processes and technologies that inhibit their ability to evaluate transfer credit reliably and matriculate learners successfully. These challenges are particularly noteworthy in the context of an increasing focus by higher education institutions on recruitment of transfer students and adult learners with some credit but no degree, as well as new consortia models in which institutions share courses rather than duplicate them, which requires new processes and systems to ensure a seamless course sharing experience for learners.

We are very excited about the possibilities of innovation through Parchment’s credential exchange and Quottly’s credit transfer solutions and what that will enable for our member community. However, our first priority is to stay focused on delivering the core services each organization provides. Quottly is rapidly growing, and Parchment is committed to maintaining the quality and pace of those deployments while maintaining the level of excellent customer service.

Going forward, you can go ahead and call us “Parchmenttly”. Just kidding! The company is Parchment. Quottly’s products and services are the foundation of our Course and Credit Transfer solution portfolio. Most institutions and learners experience Quottly under the brand of the function (Course Sharing, Dual Enrollment, Transfer Articulation) it enables.

Yes, and more. Our first priority is to ensure continuity in the quality of Quottly’s products and services. There are no plans to change how we support Quottly’s products. Once we have experience working together as one organization and speak with the community to understand their priorities, we will turn to the opportunity for innovation and integration in how our solutions work together.

Our goal is to draw on the best of Quottly and Parchment.  In the near term, there won’t be any changes to the team you work with at Quottly or Parchment. Quottly’s support, customer success, and implementation teams will operate as an integrated credit transfer solutions department with the same people and leadership you’re accustomed to.

Today, Parchment serves more than 6.2K high schools and 2.8K postsecondary institutions within the US. Outside of the US, through partnerships with MyCreds in Canada, MyeQuals in Australia and New Zealand, eduCampus in Ireland, as well as direct university relationships in the U.K., Digitary by Parchment serves more than 100-postsecondary institutions in 6 countries.

Parchment’s extensive US and international credential exchange network of issuers and receivers naturally complements Quottly’s solutions for course and program sharing, transfer articulation, and dual enrollment. The top reason for requesting a transcript through Parchment is to transfer academic credit. Combining Parchment’s unique network of high schools and higher education institutions exchanging transcripts with Quottly’s solutions means we can enable the seamless exchange of credentials AND how those credentials translate into credit. Parchment’s two-sided (issuer and receiver) network also aligns to the two-sided nature of Quottly’s solutions.

Our goal is to make credit transfer more accessible, transparent, efficient, and reliable to increase learner equity, access, and achievement. We see opportunities to innovate in the automation of transcript data consumption at the start of the process, all the way through to algorithmic approaches to recommended course equivalencies based on machine learning. Ultimately we think the biggest leverage point for improving transfer is applying a system-level approach among networks of institutions through a common technology platform, something Parchment has unique experience with in the context of credential exchange.

We want to hear from you. The voice of our community is crucial to our continued success and partnership. While you are welcome to contact your primary relationship at either organization, we encourage you to use the form below to submit your questions. By using the form you allow us to quickly and accurately answer your questions, as well as better understand the types of questions and feedback we are receiving, which will help inform our communication plan going forward.

parchie and quottly member floating in hot air balloon together

Top 5 Reasons to Get Excited
About Our Companies Combining


With offices in Arizona and Florida, Parchment & Quottly are both great places to visit during the winter months! Visitors are welcome.


Parchment and Quottly share similar missions, to help turn credentials into opportunities by streamlining enrollment pathways for learners and institutions.


Quottly was co-founded by someone who managed to attain 5 degrees in 4 years through a series of wildly complicated combinations of courses. Integrating Quottly with Parchment? Easy button.


Together, Parchment and Quottly are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact on a big systemic challenge in higher education, the portability of academic credit. The top two factors influencing cost and speed of credit transfer are transcript processing and course equivalency mapping. That’s the work we do!


One conference booth, more solutions, familiar friendly faces, and twice the tchotchkes (yes, we googled the spelling)!

Have Questions?

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