Live as a Parchment Electronic Destination … It’s LSAC!

Parchment Staff  •  Nov 20, 2018  •  Blog

It’s official! We’re very happy to announce that Parchment is officially LIVE with a new electronic credential destination: the Law School Admission Council. That means LSAC (a not-for-profit devoted to promoting quality, access, and equity in law and education worldwide) is now on the receiving end of secure digital credentials from applicants everywhere, simplifying and streamlining the admissions process.

How It Works

Parchment and LSAC closely collaborated on a custom integration to make the receive process easy, peasy.

  • Learners submit an online record request via Parchment for delivery to LSAC.
  • Parchment sends the requested files to LSAC by Secure File Transfer Protocol  (SFTP).
  • LSAC receives and automatically downloads the files to their system.
  • The files are processed using new custom fields in the index file provided by Parchment.

Available for all Parchment Send members, there’s no configuration required.

The Power of the Parchment Network

With over 5K electronic destinations, our network rocks! And here are some stats to prove it:

  • 8.7M students can order credentials
  • 5,500 in-network receivers
  • 900 employer receivers
  • 100s of background check agency receivers

Parchment’s ever-expanding network continues to connect learners, issuers and receivers, enabling them to turn credentials into even more opportunities. Welcome LSAC!

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