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Virtual ACCRAO Recap – CLRs From Research to Reality

Parchment Staff  •  Apr 14, 2021  •  Blog

Moving Comprehensive Learner Records from Research to Reality

The industry has been talking about Comprehensive Learner Records (CLRs) for a few years now. But have you heard the news? At Parchment, we’ve walked the talk with our recent announcement of the first CLR design-to-deployment product. Parchment Award CLR Services enables higher education institutions to more holistically represent their learners’ education journey.

To hear (and see) all about it, check out the presentation from the 2021 AACRAO virtual event.

The Presenters

  • Tom Green, Associate Executive Director at AACRAO
  • Bhavesh Bambhrolia, Registrar at Temple University
  • Jason Weaver, Vice President of Product at Parchment


What is a CLR and Why Do Learners Need One?

“There are 36M people in the US who have been to college but didn’t earn a credential,” said AACRAO Associate Executive Director Tom Green. “Although they learned and achieved a great deal, we are unable to capture those distinct points of learning. Because we speak a unique language in higher ed, we need to translate for people, especially with the growing number of first-generation students entering post-secondary education today.”

And now, according to Tom, we have the technology to do just that with the CLR – digital records that go beyond rosters of courses, activities, or experiences to evidence learning – focusing on what’s learned, not what’s taken. He goes on to discuss new record formats, introduces the learning framework, and clarifies CLR terminology.

Temple University Participates in CLR Charter Member Program

Bhavesh Bambhrolia, Temple University Registrar, shares the institution’s experience as part of Parchment’s CLR pilot program, showing sample CLR images that include a summary of the student’s academic program, general education overview that highlights the student’s experience in that program, and the accomplishments the student achieved.

“Our goal is to exemplify learner success, illuminate learner interests, and fully reflect their cumulative college experience,” Bhavesh explained.

About CLR Services

“Our CLR charter members worked very hard to think about the learning and outcomes they wanted to represent their institution,” said Jason Weaver, VP of Product at Parchment. “That information became the basis for Parchment Award CLR Services.”

According to Jason, institutions must reflect and review their credentials to determine how to better represent learning inside and outside the classroom. Parchment and AACRAO Consulting, our deployment partner, will work with you to answer these questions and more:

  • How do we change our institutional practice for the CLR?
  • What is the right CLR content?
  • How can we mix our data sources for CLRs?
  • What’s the best way to visualize data in CLRs?
  • How do we get CLRs to learners?


What’s Next?

View the entire video, including a product demo and don’t miss our newest member testimonial. For a special treat, check out the recap video of our virtual magic show! Believe us, you won’t be disappointed!  

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