What Happens To High School Transcripts During The Summer

Parchment Staff  •  Jul 01, 2019  •  Blog

The hallways are quiet, the zoom meetings have dropped off, and your counselors are currently in planning meetings, attending conferences or sipping on their drink of choice by the pool. It’s official: Summer is in session.

While the school administrators are making the most of their well-deserved breaks, someone still has to manage the student records in their absence. What happens when students and alumni call with transcript requests? Who’s there to handle them?

Let’s talk about summer break for high school transcripts:

Records management without the hassle

In the spirit of better summers for district offices near and far, Parchment offers an end-to-end student record management solution that can make those summer transfers happen automatically. With Parchment District Records Services for K-12, students, alumni, parents and third parties can submit their orders online via the Parchment high school or district site. From there, what we call “smart order routing” takes over.

The system delivers the request to the correct to-do list for processing, where the assigned district personnel or temporary staff member simply has to log in, view the listed requests and hit approve. From there, the system will bundle up the record information, encode the credential into the appropriate format and send it to the selected destination. Voila! All of that done, and your staff only had to hit the approve button.

If you’re still working with all paper transcripts, don’t worry. The platform can handle paper and electronic requests. We can also help you digitize your legacy records with our Records Digitization service. Once they’re in the system, the district office can easily access them, and high schools can move transcripts to their convenient credential library as needed. It’s not just about making this summer better, it’s about transforming your record management processes for every school year and summer break to come. Why not start now?

Living a better summer life

The benefits of this district-wide student record management platform are twofold. On the district side, it means savings in time and money spent on records processing. It’s also incredibly valuable for offering a consistently positive student experience. Rather than going through hoops to get their transcripts, students can use an easy-to-navigate platform for a seamless process that even shows them when their transcripts are received. It’s the kind of win-win you’ll want to brag to all of your colleagues about.

To see how Parchment can help streamline and simplify records process management for everyone involved, request a demo today.



Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in June 2019 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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