Why College-Bound Culture Should Start from Freshman Year

Parchment Staff  •  Sep 02, 2021  •  Blog

College students are presented with a plethora of opportunities. From the moment they step on campus to the day they receive their degree and can start their career, students are encouraged to get their feet wet in extracurricular activities, involve themselves in networking events and engage in classroom lectures and discussions. All of these opportunities can help learners prepare to be successful within their careers and life choices. But how do we prepare K-12 students for college?

Some high schools prepare their juniors and seniors for college; it’s a natural transition to the next stage of their lives. But many miss the opportunity to build a culture that begins to encourage college from freshman year.

Creating a college-bound culture beginning the freshman year of high school can help students visualize the reality of getting into a university and furthering their education to land their dream job. It can also help students better understand how they should navigate high school to prepare themselves for college admissions and acceptance through course selection, grades, volunteer service, and extracurricular activities.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways schools can set students up for success in college by preparing them with necessary information and resources throughout their high school careers.

What does a college-bound culture look like?

The goal of creating a college-bound culture is to ensure that all students are prepared for a full range of post-secondary options and that they are motivated and believe they can get to college. Here are some of the necessities to encourage students to further their education after high school:

  1. Staff is committed to students goals

Most younger students have no idea what they’re getting themselves into when it comes to college. From the application process to getting admitted  to finding a good major and signing up for classes, there are plenty of steps students need to take to start their college journey off on the right foot. Teachers and counselors who understand each student’s mindset and college goals can be better equipped to prepare and encourage them for the road ahead.

  1. The school networks, promotes and supports all college options

Giving students more options to explore early on can open up a world of possibilities for their future. Schools should commit to networking with professionals at different universities, community colleges, and programs to foster connections that create strong partnerships and illuminate different opportunities. Passing along these resources to students and promoting a variety of options early on can be helpful in creating a college-bound culture.

  1. There’s a dedicated partnership model throughout the journey

Counselors, administrators, colleges and universities need to remain on the same page to ensure all students are properly supported as they begin to apply for college. Having a stronger connection can be helpful for students in terms of resources; when counselors are connected to professionals at specific universities, they can pass along the information to students interested in applying.

Learn more about encouraging college-bound culture

Giving students the necessary tools needed to prepare for college is essential to their success.

College Tools by Parchment can help students find the right college for them and build a list of schools they’re interested in. It can also provide them with a view of their likelihood of getting accepted by their colleges of choice based on self-reported alumni data. College Tools is part of a complete set of tools in the Parchment learner account where students can manage all of their hard-earned credentials in one distinct place. This enables them to access their information from any device at any time, in a quick, ready-to-send format so they can better market themselves whenever necessary.

Beyond our digital tools, one resource that may also be helpful is Parchment Connect Virtual 2021. During this event, we discussed everything you need to know about paving college pathways.


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