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The Education Corporation of America has entered into a contract with Parchment to provide convenient, national, online request and fulfillment services for ECA credentials, including transcripts, diplomas, degree verifications, and enrollment verifications.

ECA has engaged Parchment to provide an online request and fulfillment service for ECA transcripts and other related credentials. This service will be available during ECA’s wind-down period and afterward, ensuring a secure and accessible avenue for students and alums to receive the transcript and diploma services they deserve.

If you are a student, alumni or adviser to one, we have some important information to share about how the service works and some expectations to set for what your experience will be like in the first few weeks we are live.

If you are sending your transcripts to a college or university, please use Parchment to send them electronically.

In addition to online request and tracking, Parchment provides the ability to send your transcripts electronically to colleges instead of printing and mailing them. When you start the ordering process, you will be asked to type in the destination.

With more than 80% of colleges accepting electronic transcripts, it is likely that we will recognize your destination and inform you that the admissions office prefers electronic delivery. (It is easier and faster for them to process electronic transcripts, especially when courses need to be evaluated for credit.) You can always choose to send via email to any email address or have them printed and mailed to any address.

Please take advantage of our Help Center.

It’s natural to have questions and we have developed our Help Center to provide assistance when you need it.  If your main question, understandably, is “Where is my transcript?” or “When will my transcript go out?,” logging into your account is your best and most up-to-date resource.  Beyond that, we have lots of tips and guides and if needed, you can file a support request via the Help Center.

Please understand that there is a fee.

In cases like this we do what most state agencies and many colleges and universities do — we charge a request fee.  For electronic requests and delivery, the fee is $15.  If you choose for your transcript to be printed and delivered by mail, there is an additional $2.50 handling fee.  We recommend you send electronically, both to save those costs and because it’s the delivery method colleges prefer.  If you choose overnight delivery or international destinations, the handling fee will be higher based on what you’ve chosen.

Schools or hiring agencies may need to request ECA credentials too.

While we anticipate the bulk of ECA credential orders to come directly from students and alumni, we recognize that there are colleges, universities, hiring agencies and other credential verifiers that have permission to request credentials on behalf of ECA students or alumni. In order to process these types of orders, requestors will need to have a Parchment Receive account (free for academic institutions). Organizations looking to receive ECA credentials through Parchment can learn more about our Parchment Receive program here.

Looking for Kaplan, TESST or Texas School of Business? 

In addition to Brightwood College and Brightwood Carrer Institute, students are able to order transcripts, verifications and diplomas from the following schools by using the Brightwood ordering option:

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