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Rankings based on actual student choice

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What are the top choices for students and where do they go?

Parchment’s Student Choice College Rankings, now in its 11th year, delivers rankings based on actual student choice. Our ranking is calculated by aggregating and analyzing data shared by college bound students including where they applied to, where they were accepted, and ultimately, where they chose to go.

Applicants today are applying to more colleges and universities than ever before (with total applications rising 21.3% from 2019–20 to 2021–22). On average, schools are receiving 5.62 applications per applicant, based on March 2022 Common Application report.

What are the top choices for students and where do they go?

Student Choice College Rankings

This final enrollment decision is the big contender and drives the final point distribution, revealing the final ranking. Learn more about our methodology.

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In addition to the Parchment Student Choice College Rankings, Parchment offers a series of free college tools to help college-bound students build their lists, compare their admissions chances against other students that were accepted.


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