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Search for a sending organization and you’ll be prompted to create a Third Party account.

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You’ll need to upload a consent form. Download a sample form once you’re logged in.

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Once you place your order and your request is fulfilled, the official document will be emailed to you.

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Order academic credentials from thousands of Parchment Sending organizations (including high schools, GED, HiSET, and more) with a Third Party account.

To place orders, start by searching for one organization that you need to order from – you can order from more after that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TPO account?

Third Party Ordering is for individuals requesting records on behalf of others who don’t already have a Parchment Receive account.

 Who should have a TPO account?

If an individual or non-academic organization will be requesting more than 10-20 records per month, we recommend considering upgrading to Parchment Receive.

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