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The Time is Right for a Transfer Student’s Bill of Rights

Parchment Staff  •  Oct 09, 2015  •  Blog

College students “swirl.” They swirl from one higher education institution to another in pursuit of degree completion. Unfortunately, these swirling students often times come upon roadblocks when attempting to transfer course credits from one institution to the next.

Matthew Pittinsky, Parchment CEO and Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University (ASU) partnered up with Kent Hopkins, Vice President of Enrollment Management Services at ASU to call for a bill of rights for transfer students.

Pittinsky and Hopkins propose that a Transfer Student’s Bill of Rights would “…guarantee access to degree programs, sequences and prerequisites guiding higher education to do a much better job in serving the nation’s transfer students.”

The authors point out a recent report highlighting 37 percent of all students who began college in 2008 have transferred institutions at some point and state that this should be a “wake up call for Capitol Hill and the White House”.

To learn more from Pittinsky and Hopkins, read “Underserved and overburdened, transfer students face an uphill battle to earn their degrees”.

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