What You’ll Save With Parchment Send For K-12

Parchment Staff  •  May 13, 2019  •  Blog

Meet Parchment Send. It’s an end-to-end districtwide record management platform that allows any student, parent or third party to request transcripts and send them to any destination. Our Comprehensive Receiver Network is unique in its reach, with integration and alignment spanning educational organizations, licensing boards and employers.

With the mission of turning credentials into opportunities, Parchment can help you offer best-in-class service for requestors while improving the day-to-day for your administrators.

Here are three types of savings you can enjoy with Parchment Send for K-12 on your team:

1. Save money

Have you considered how much money goes toward preparing and sending transcripts? Paper, envelope and stamp costs can add up much more quickly than you think. With Parchment Send, you can completely go digital or combine your service with our secure print facility to handle the paper requests, eliminating those costs from your budget.

What’s more, our flexible licensing model means the solution could be no-cost to your district or you could opt to cover the cost for your students. Many districts even configure Parchment Send to include a surcharge for alumni or third-party record requests, which can generate additional revenue for schools.

Extra credit: You can use the money you save to digitize legacy student records with Scan & Index – and say goodbye to the storage closets filled with daunting stacks of paper records.

2. Conserve time

A manual, largely paper-based records management process is time-consuming and often involves going through multiple hoops to determine record location and request-fulfillment responsibility. You can eliminate all that with a centralized student record management system, boosting your processes with far greater efficiency.

And those verification requests that are always coming through the phone or even fax? You can send those straight to your Parchment account as well. One more thing off your to-do list.

3. Eliminate the hassle

Print, mail and cross your fingers that the records arrive at their destination: It’s a recipe for phones ringing off the hook, with requestors demanding to know where the documents are. Whether Print or Digital, Parchment Send provides requesters with real-time tracking status and delivery updates, so there’s no more “Where’s my transcript?”

Parchment further offers 360 degree admin and student support, ensuring staff and requesters enjoy the highest level of customer service.

Without the headaches of record management, you can finally focus more of your attention on your students. Take it from Michael Moss, Career/College Pathway Coordinator at Santa Ana Valley High School: “We save an average of 8.34 man hours and $200 to $333.50 for every 50 transcripts processed through Parchment. That’s an additional 34 15-minute counseling sessions!”

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