Navigating Student Pathways Along the Academic Journey

Today, educators acknowledge that there is no straight line to earning a college credential. Some students start college courses while in high school through dual enrollment, and others start at colleges they don't necessarily imagine fininishing. They "swirl" from institution to institution and back again.

Amid all these pathways and detours, educators and policy-makers are finding ways to help more students complete degrees and leverage the knowledge they pick up along the way. Here's what we found from a high school, higher education, and workforce level in terms of changing pathways.

High School

13 percent of secondary students changed schools four or more times by the end of 8th grade.

9 percent of high school seniors took courses offered by a college or university for credit through dual enrollment.

Research shows that dual enrollment participation can lead to better high school grades, increased enrollment in college, greater persistence in college, greater credit accumulation, and increased rates of credentials acquired.

Higher Education

It was estimated that 19,900,000 students were enrolled in higher education in 2019.

More than a third of all college students move from one college to another at least once in their academic careers.


Since Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) hit the market in 2011, over 81 Million people have enrolled.



71,700 participants graduated from the apprenticeship system in FY in 2018.

over 750,000 students are attending school post military using the GI bill annually.

About 26 percent of employed people in the U.S. had a license or certification in 2015, according to the BLS Current Population Survey.

Education and learning is a long, winding road. Credentials are collected over a lifetime, and there's an undeniable need for a support system along this impeccable journey. Parchment can help keep all of these milestones in order with our digital solutions. Learn more about our helpful tools today.

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