4 Best Practices for Basic Receive Members

If you are a Basic Receive Member, here are some tips and tricks to help you keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Receive. Route. Download. When receiving documents, first route by dragging to one of the destinations on the left, and then zip and download. The online status of the document changes to ‘Download confirmed’ and the student automatically gets an email telling them that the document has been downloaded. If you print/download before routing to a destination, no emails are sent.
  2. Add Your Email. Add your email address to your Parchment Receive account in your General Settings. That way, when schools or students use Parchment Send to send transcripts to your email address, the documents will automatically and conveniently go to your Receive account.
  3. Zip Overnight. Check the ‘Automatically Prepare Overnight’ option in your Destination Settings so that the system zips your documents overnight. Then those documents will be ready to download as a zip file first thing in the morning.
  4. Customize Status Emails. Personalize the confirmation message to include customized information in the email students get when documents are downloaded. Go to Settings > Inbox > Delivery. You have 400 characters to work with.

Want to know more about using Parchment Receive? Check out these additional resources:


3 Simple Steps to End the Year for Parchment Receive Members

Fall semester is winding down, which means it’s a good time to reflect and reorganize. So that you are all set to enjoy the holiday season and start fresh next semester, we wanted to share three simple steps to help you end the year on a good note.

  • Get your year-end Parchment Receive report
    • Just contact Ray Santos (West Admissions) at rsantos@parchment.com or Lindsay Kleiss (East Admissions) at lkleiss@parchment.com to get your year-end receive report. It’s a great snapshot to share across your institution, including monthly volume, your top senders, year-over-year growth, and document volume by type. You even get recommendations customized for your institution.Contact us to get your end of year report.


  • Update your administrators 
    • Make sure you have the correct setup for your user:  Go to SETTINGS tab >> Choose USERS >>Delete administrators who have left >> Add new administrators
  • Sign up for training
    • Learn how Parchment can make your life just a little bit easier. Topics include: Mastering Administrator Settings, Downloading Tips & Tricks, Expert Filtering, Reports & Analytics to Make You Shine and more. Just sign in to Parchment, click Support, and then click Training to sign up for one of our weekly webinars.

College Application Deadlines Are Here

While the retail world is anticipating Black Friday, here in the EdTech world we are anticipating the two biggest days for admissions applications – November 1 and November 15. While it may not have a fancy name yet (did someone say #NameChallenge), we know the excitement level for students, parents, and your staff is just as high as a blue light special while you are next to those luxury 1,200 thread count sheets set you’ve been eyeing all summer.

Yes, the most common early action admissions days are upon us. It’s about to get real for many students and your document intake staff. Don’t fret, we have some great ideas to help you land on the other side of this admissions season unscathed. By letting your students know you prefer electronic credentials during this peak busy season, you can ensure your process will be streamlined and you can focus on fulfilling their holiday wishes of being admitted to your school.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

  • Parchment Member Directory
    Updated regularly, our member directory will show you which of your feeder schools are in the Parchment Network. Have your admissions staff reach out to the counselors and let them know you prefer electronic credentials for speedy and efficient decision making. Login to your Parchment account and click the “Directory” icon on the top right hand corner to access it.
  • Get Social
    To help students answer the questions of “When do I send my transcript” or “When will I hear a decision,” go to where they are – the social network! Post on your school’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts to share your admissions deadline information. Let your prospective students know you prefer electronic transcripts to help the decision arrive to them even faster.
  • Use Your Campus Channels
    High School students are in full college tour mode, so use your campus as your own message center. Bulletin boards, admissions packets, counselor blog, school website, email signatures, or even digital displays around campus can all be used to let future students know you prefer they send their transcripts to you electronically.

We’d love to hear from you on other great ideas you’ve had to spread the word about receiving electronically. Share below and let’s get this conversation started!

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