Use It or Lose It! Better Budgeting for Student Records Management

June 8, 2023  •  On Demand

Federal funding for schools has grown, but so have costs related to inflation, salaries, and services. With the help of Parchment, schools can efficiently manage various record requests and also generate revenue to cover these growing costs by adding surcharges to alumni and third-party verification requests through Parchment.

Our Director of Customer Advocacy, Matt Sterenberg, sat down with Dr. Diana Braungard-Galayda, Supervisor of Guidance at Edison High School in Edison, New Jersey, to discuss strategic budgeting for student records management and how Parchment has played an integral role in K12 operations by providing tools & resources to alleviate cumbersome processes within schools & district offices.

Parchment Provides a Comprehensive Records Management Platform for Schools

Parchment as a records management platform can handle record requests from students, parents, alumni, and third-party verification companies. With Parchment, schools can fulfill these requests electronically, eliminating the need for manual processes. Sterenberg said, “When it’s sent through Parchment, you know that it’s going to the right destination and it’s going digitally. And that allows us to give you complete end-to-end tracking to give you your students and the parents peace of mind that it got there in time.”

Parchment Can Help Generate Revenue For Schools by Adding Surcharges to Alumni and Third-Party Verification Requests

Braungard-Galayda highlighted how Parchment has helped to generate revenue for her school by adding surcharges on top of Parchment’s fee for alumni and third-party verification requests to generate additional income for the school. She emphasized how Parchment has provided an efficient solution for streamlining the collection of transcript-related revenue.

Using the Revenue Generated through Parchment for Scholarships and Supporting Students in Need

Braungard-Galayda also shared how her school has used the revenue generated from Parchment to create scholarships and provide assistance to students in need. She said, “I turnkeyed the money that I had from Parchment and another income source that I had, and I ended up giving out $10,000 worth of scholarships just two weeks ago, which was something I never had before.” This demonstrates the potential for schools to use Parchment as not only a records management tool but also a source of additional funding to support their students and programs.

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