Tired of Dealing with Returned Diplomas?

Verify Graduate Addresses in Real-Time with Parchment

With Parchment Award – Diploma Services

Every Graduate Gets a Digital Diploma Standard

And now graduates can verify their mailing address in real-time, reducing returned diplomas and headaches in your office.

Here is how it works:

Parchment Award-Transcript Address Change

Digital Diplomas Make Print Diplomas Easier

We heard you! No matter how many times you tell your students, they still don’t update their address after graduation. All the work your office puts into sending diplomas goes to waste and you get a large amount of returned mail, phone calls, and emails from frustrated graduates that want to know where their diplomas are

Parchment’s 70%+ claim rate on digital diplomas ensures that your graduates will pay attention to these alerts and update their physical address so their paper diploma will get to them the first time.

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Digital is Standard as it Should Be

With Parchment, every graduate gets a secure digital diploma standard – no additional fees, no pay barriers.

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Automatic Address Updates

We built the address update functionality into the digital diploma alert that they get and are eagerly awaiting already. This ensures that students will update their address with the correct one, should it be different from what you have on file.

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