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College Preparation Checklist

A Guide for college-bound students
on what to do and when to do it - and simplify the entire process!


Encourage, Simplify, & Nurture

Applying for college can feel overwhelming. From applying for student aid and requesting letters of recommendation
to writing college essays and submitting applications on time – the list can feel like it goes on and on. 


Ask, give ample time, & follow up!

Tell your story with personality!

Get out there and apply!

Ask, give ample time, & follow up!

Make sure deadlines are met!

Discover all prospective options!

Get our comprehensive checklists that makes the process
easy to understand, follow through, and carry out.


Straightforward Structure

Streamline the college application process with step-by-step guidance that will
benefit learners and help you ensure they have all the tools they need to succeed.
These college-bound checklists help:

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